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Get back into our routine of washing our hands everytime we come home as soon as we come in the house. Really helped us last year, but we have not started it back up this fall yet. We keep bringing germs in the house! I could drink more water during the day.

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Something very simple that I tend to become slack about doing. Drink water instead of juice. My one FindYourHealthy small change would be to swap out my computer chair for an exercise ball! I struggle with planning things out ahead of time. Earlier this month, when my taste buds were returning, I had a particularly bad cup of coffee with my usual cream and sugar. These little lifestyle changes have already made a huge difference on me.

A small, good change will almost always lead to a bigger one. Thank you for the giveaway! Shannon L — These are all such awesome lifestyle changes! Once you make them, it is hard to go back! Go YOU!

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I have decided to get healthier and I have done so by eating healthier foods and exercising more regularly. I have also stopped drinking sodas and replaced that by drinking more water everyday. Also, I started taking Calcium in addition to a Multi-Vitamin. In November- I can get healthier by not drinking soda or energy drinks. November is a tough month to be healthy because the back end is loaded with excessive eating, especially for those of us that celebrate with two families.

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The best thing would be to make healthy decisions at the early part of the month to offset the end. One small changes is making sure I get enough fruits and veggies in. The Vitamin C can help prevent colds and flu. I really need to step up my water intake and get more sleep. Love CVS, they always get me what I need to stay healthy. My big thing is just being consistent and not giving into little temptations.

Incorporate more veggies. I could eat more salads FindYourHealthy — it was easy when all the farmers markets were there, but now you feel like comfort foods.

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Coupon Database Stores press about Linky Parties contact subscribe by email. ExtraCare Bucks are good for 3 weeks after issued.

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These coupons are linked to your card and can only be used in conjunction with that card. If you use a coupon not issued to your card, once scanned, the register will inform the cashier that the coupon was not issued to that card and they will not accept it. Also, ECBs can be entered in manually for a lower amount than they were issued for. You can still pay with that ECB and the cashier can adjust the price down, so you lose 50 cents but you pay nothing for your transaction.

You cannot receive change back from an ECB. Cashiers also have the ability to print ECBs that may have not printed on your receipt. The cashier can take the flyer and your card, and print it out for you on the spot. Lastly, you do not need to buy all the products for a certain deal in one transaction or even in one day.

As long as you purchase the correct items with your card, your receipt will keep track of it and once you hit the deal within the advertised sales week your ECB will automatically print out! Taking advantage of all these great incentives can really help save you and your family a bunch of money! And, you may not ever look at a drug store the same way again.

It is a great place to shop, a great place to save money, and a great place to stock up on a bunch of items!

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Yes We Coupon October 12, Yes We Coupon is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. But executives recently fretted that not enough people are actually using the coupon center at all. So making the process easier — and cardless — can only help encourage nonusers to give it a try. And after years of discussing it, CVS is finally beginning to roll out a personalized, digital sales circular that may someday eliminate the need for printed ads.

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  5. We will still promote via the circular in a very big way in the coming future, but we are reducing pages over time to fund our digital promotions. Image source: CVS. Years ago, I simply used a number that was one digit off my phone number. I long ago left that number behind, but just continue to use the fake number.

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    There are no Telephone Police to insist you use your actual phone number, as much as the Tea Party whackadoodles would like you to believe. Just awful. Luckily there is still a secret workaround that is out there on a few message boards which allows you to still see the existing format. A mailer was sent to my old address associated with my CVS card. The person at my old address used my quarterly extra bucks and they were able to use it without a card or my phone , just the mailer. I called CVS to transfer my info from my old card to a new card. This was on July 5th. Four separate calls and months later, they still have not sent out my replacement card.